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Team Get It Done

Wisconsin’s Premier Mortgage Lending Team

Team Get It Done is a dually licensed Loan Officer team with LeaderOne Financial Corporation in Brookfield, Wisconsin. We turn dreams of home ownership into reality by offering exceptional mortgage service through expertise, experience, and borrower education. We believe that anything one person can do well, a team can do much better! Each member of our team uses their own strengths to facilitate the fulfillment of every client’s needs and wishes. We each specialize in certain areas of the mortgage loan process, ensuring our clients feel confident and empowered as they step into home ownership.

Jim Ryan


Premier Loan Officer | Homebuyer Therapist | Video Producer | Pilot | Math Nerd

Jim’s life is built on his foundational values: faith, freedom, and family. His faith compels him to do the right thing every time, and to go above and beyond the expected level of service to encourage and educate each client so they feel comfortable, valued, and informed through every step of the process. Jim’s 10 years of mortgage experience have formed character and knowledge that enable him to be a leader at Team Get It Done and in the community.

Jim believes that home ownership is a freedom that anyone can enjoy with a little perseverance and the right team behind them. His greatest joy comes from seeing first-time homebuyers receive the keys to their very own house with confidence and accomplishment shining on their faces. He believes that a home is not just a purchase or a possession, it’s the catalyst of family love, the launchpad for every child, and the refuge from life’s inevitable struggles.

Jim’s family is the passion that drives him to be the best he can be, not just for his own family, but for the thousands of families he has helped into their own homes. Jim’s wife Jasmine is part of the Team too, supporting him in all of his pursuits.

When not working at the office or traveling around Wisconsin for closings and meetings, you will likely find Jim at home spending time with his wife and son. Not surprisingly, much of his life is centered around his home: working on his property, removing invasive species, teaching his son, and working side-by-side with his wife on whatever crazy idea they’ve set their minds to.

Jim’s greatest pursuit is to leave clients with a little more faith, experiencing the freedom that only comes from owning a home, and all the while feeling like part of the Team Get It Done family.

Nina Brucks

NMLS #1820648

Licensed Loan Officer Assistant | Organization Extraordinaire | Fiancée | Lawn Game Professional

Nina is Team Get It Done’s Licensed Loan Officer Assistant and (fun fact) Jim’s sister. She uses her passion for communication and skill in organization to serve as the project manager throughout the mortgage process. Nina is a graduate of UW-Whitewater with a degree in Public Relations.

Nina is a native Wisconsinite and loves to explore all that this state has to offer. Outside of work, she enjoys trying out new DIY projects and spending time with her friends and family, especially while tailgating at Brewers games or playing lawn games – Nina is a self-declared croquet and Kubb professional and always welcomes new opponents.  In addition to dueling friends and family in lawn games, Nina and her fiancé Adam look forward to their upcoming wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in early 2020.  Adam and Nina prefer an active lifestyle of any capacity, whether that be camping and hiking through a state park, learning a new board game, or biking the Hank Aaron State bike trail.

Jackie Koppen

Loan Partner | Mother and Grandmother | Industry Veteran

Jackie Koppen has been in the mortgage industry for almost 30 years; you could almost say she has seen it all! Jackie fills an invaluable role here at Team Get It Done as she ensures files move smoothly from contract to close. You can expect to interact with Jackie while your loan is being processed. She is passionate about working with people to get them into the home of their dreams!

Jackie lives in Mukwonago, WI, where she can be near to her amazing family, which is the most important thing in her life. She is the proud mother of three girls and has three beautiful granddaughters. When Jackie isn’t crunching numbers and drafting contracts, you can bet that she is spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Jasmine Ryan

Content Manager | Help Meet | Mama | Ex-Engineer

Jasmine runs Team Get It Done’s website and is Jim’s assistant in every capacity (she is also, conveniently, his wife). She graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics, and spent several years as a Mechanical Design Engineer before stepping into the more challenging role of full-time wife- and motherhood.

Jasmine’s life used to be centered around accolades and resume-building, but she felt called out of the professional world to a behind the scenes role: designing and maintaining the website, making sure Jim eats on a daily basis, and training up (and eventually homeschooling) his mini-me. She also assists with writing scripts and working with Nina to keep the team organized and efficient. You likely won’t come into contact with Jasmine during your loan process, but you might meet her at your closing, as she frequently accompanies Jim on his travels throughout the state.

Jasmine’s faith is the basis of all that she does. She sees the need for assisting her husband to pursue his passion, and showing love to ensure that every client is cared for. When not working on the website or chasing around a toddler, you will find Jasmine with her nose in her bible or her hands in the dirt in her garden.

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