Hi, I’m Jim Ryan with Team Get It Done, and this is a quick refi update. If you have an FHA loan and have owned your house for over 2 years, just a reminder that the appreciation rate in Wisconsin is over 5%. So depending how long you have owned your property, you might be in a position where you can refinance and completely eliminate PMI.

And, a special announcement! We welcome Nina to Team Get It Done. Nina, why did you join Team Get It Done?

(Nina) – Thanks Jim for the fabulous introduction. I joined Team Get It Done because I share Jim’s dream in helping you attain home ownership, and turning renters into owners. My official title here at Team Get It Done is “Licensed Loan Officer Assistant,” but Jim and I feel that is super boring, so we welcome you to share your ideas for my new title in the comments section of this video. And whoever comes up with the most creative title, we will treat you to a basket of fresh croissants from the newly opened Fresh Baked in Oconomowoc.

(Jim) – Well that’s awesome! And if you’d like to apply for a mortgage or refinance, just go to the Apply page.