Video Transcript

We are asked all the time: “Jim and Jason, can we put no money down?”

Well the answer is YES! You absolutely can. This is 100% real, and this is something that Team Get It Done does all the time. There are two true 100% financing products:

  1. VA, which requires you to be entitled to VA benefits (we will help you to determine your eligibility)
  2. USDA, which has income and geographical restrictions, but you don’t have to be a veteran to qualify.

We also offer a few down payment assistance programs. These programs actually put down the Down Payment for you. We offer such programs as WHEDA and CHENOA, and we also offer city- and county-specific grant programs throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. These programs will assist paying your down payment, and in some cases your closing costs as well!

Now, these programs have a lot of restrictions and they are very particular, so it really does require a lot of teamwork between all of us to truly make the whole thing come together. You have to remember: our goal is to let you come to the closing table with very little or no money out of your pocket.

Hey, in some instances you’ll even get a check back!