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Milwaukee Mortgage Market

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July 2019

Why Refi Now?

July 30th, 2019|

Hi everyone, I’m Jim Ryan with Team Get It Done. So “Why Refi Now?” Couple reasons: Rates are super low right now compared to what they’ve been over the last couple of years. So if you have a rate of 4% or higher, it may make sense to refinance right now. It depends if you want to save money monthly or [...]

May 2019

Refinance Example – Can You Skip 3 Payments?

May 5th, 2019|

Hi this is Jim Ryan with Team Get It Done. Happy Cinco de Mayo and a quick refi update! So, I have a current client who is 7 months pregnant (well they are 7 months pregnant), and they have a baby that will be born in July. They currently have an FHA loan that has a balance of $160,929. They have [...]

April 2019

Refi Update and Welcome Nina

April 18th, 2019|

Hi, I'm Jim Ryan with Team Get It Done, and this is a quick refi update. If you have an FHA loan and have owned your house for over 2 years, just a reminder that the appreciation rate in Wisconsin is over 5%. So depending how long you have owned your property, you might be in a position where you can [...]

March 2019

Is it Time to Refinance?

March 29th, 2019|

Hi guys, Jim Ryan with Team Get It Done, answering the question “Is it time to refinance?” Well, first off, you have to know that interest rates have dropped at the most drastic rate in the past two weeks as they have in the past two years. So it’s definitely a good opportunity to look into. But first, let’s answer a [...]

Rent-to-Own VS Rent VS Own

March 15th, 2019|

Hi I’m Jim Ryan with Team Get It Done, and this is “Rent-to-Own versus Rent versus Own.” We’re going to start with Rent versus Own first. So first, let’s start with rent. These are actual rent payments that I, myself have paid over the course of my life. $200 (that was my first apartment), $685, and $1175. Now, this apartment actually [...]

Smart Goals

March 1st, 2019|

Hi, I'm Jim Ryan with Team Get It Done, and this video is about setting "SMART GOALS." This time of year, generally people fall off the bandwagon with their New Year's Resolutions and their goals, and I would argue that it's because they did not set a "smart goal." The three most common goals that people will set to start the [...]