Hello and welcome to Team Get It Done! I’m Jim Ryan.

And I’m Jason Bower. We’re both licensed Loan Officers with Envoy Mortgage with over 18 years of combined experience solely doing mortgages. So, why is pre-approval your first step? Well, the biggest reason is: we don’t want anyone falling in love with a home that they don’t qualify for. That’s why filling out an application should always be your first step.

Okay Jim and Jason, we want to get pre-approved. To continue this conversation, some questions that generally follow are:

  1. How much money do I have to bring upfront to closing?
  2. What will my monthly payments be, and what are the options?
  3. What will this cost over the whole course of the term of the loan?

So, assuming you said “Yes!” to wanting to know the answer to those questions, You are absolutely in the right spot, you are looking to get pre-approved with Team Get It Done.

Welcome to Team Get It Done, and we look forward to your closing!

Trust Team Get It Done with your mortgage.

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