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Part 1: Application

Please click the button below to be taken to LeaderOne Financial Corporation’s secure online application:

Online Application

Please continue to Part 2 to complete your application

Part 2: Documents

Please gather the following required documents for each borrower:

All W2s from most current year
All W2s from previous year

You must provide all W2s regardless of amount or duration of employment.

Most current pay stub(s).

If you have multiple employers, please provide a pay stub from each.

Please provide the most recent bank statement from all bank accounts including:

Checking accounts
Savings accounts
Money Market accounts

Please provide the most current statement for all accounts including:

Mutual Funds

You must also provide the following:

Most current year 1040
Previous year 1040

(If you are not self-employed, we do not need your 1040 at this point.)

Once you have gathered all documents, attach them at the secure email link below.

Secure Email

Having trouble? Please see our Documents FAQ here.

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